Monday, January 19, 2009


Today is a national holiday for all the U.S. We thought of taking the day off but decided it would be hard to rationalize. Rick worked for the Post Office for so long it is hard to recondition our thinking to the fact that we do not get at least one day off a month!

We took this picture when we went to visit our son in Oct. so you can ignore the Sheriffs Office logo in the background :) It just goes to show how patriotic we are as a family.

There seems to be a myth around these days that expats are a bit soured so to speak on the U.S. That really is not true. In fact I have met more true patriots here than I usually meet in my travels in the U.S.. We have a big 4th of July celebration that is very well attended. They have the marines come from the Embassy to do the flag raising and it makes us all teary eyed.

As we all look forward to the inaugaration tomorrow of a new President our prayers are with him. I really don't care what color he is, or anything else about him for that matter. What I care about is will he get our country out of the mess it is in? All I can hope for is if we all pray and send really good juju vibes to him maybe he can do something to improve the situation.

I love America and we spend much of our time there still, even though we live here in Costa Rica most of the time. We have kids and grandkids there and would love to see things go easier for them. In the present situation we despair of our children ever even buying a house or being able to put our grandkids in college.

One thing that Obama says that I really like is that only sacrifice and hard work are going to get us out of the present situation. What I really hope for is that it is not only the working class he is talking to but the country total!

Just my dos colones from an expat that truly loves America!

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i love good juju vibes!!!