Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This lovely, very talented student took and passed her first massage test today, Swedish! She did awesome and I think this shot portrays her concentration very well. I especially like the pic of our little mascot in the background, he never lets her out of his sight.

When I think back on my massage tests I can certainly relate to the nerves and plain ole concentration it takes to do all these body things at the same time. It takes a lot in the begining to think about your body mechanics, your lotion or oil usage, making sure the client is warm enough and comfortable, and making sure you don't do or say anything stupid. It can be very overwhelming to begin with.

I did two massages this week and it is kind of like riding a bike at this stage in the game. I do believe I could do it with my eyes closed for sure. You just might want to make sure you wear underwear though if I do it this way so I don't flash you to the whole world :)

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Rajani said...

wow! how i wish i was in your neighborhood!