Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"Increased study of science and nature, especially in the very young, has proven in studies extremely beneficial for cognitive functioning, reduced symptoms of A D D and increased self-discipline and emotionsl well being. (Chesapeake Bay Foundation)

"Almost 50% of children age 8-16 watch 3-5 hrs of T.V a day. These kids who watch the most hours of T.V. have the highest incidence of obesity. (word on health, "Childhood obesity on the Rise" Torgan Carol )

These are getting to be pretty tough odds for us parent to beat! I believe the key to keeping our kids healthy and happy is to teach them healthy lifestyles. It is pretty simple actually, be an example and be fun! I say this as I pass out doughnuts to my kids and class for Ricks birthday.

As I was saying it is not really that difficult. Seeing as we do not have a car we have to walk everywhere, or take taxis or busses. So if you get to jonesin for a hamburger you have to really work for that dude. We would take the bus downtown. Then walk the half mile to the McDonalds. Then we would eat and walk back up the big hill to catch a bus or taxi home.

Of course there is the delivery guy. My husband does not like him because the food gets cold before he gets up the mountain on his scooter. It looks like we will just have to make our own burgers, and enjoy being healthier because of it.

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