Tuesday, January 20, 2009


When we travelled to China to adopt our daughter we had watermelon at every meal! We saw trucks of watermelon all over the country. They served it with breakfast, lunch and dinner actually it was always the dessert.

For the first year or so all our daughter would eat was fruit and yogurt and formula. She has branched out now and eats noodles and chicken, but that is about all she has added to her choices.

Here the watermelon is great year around and she continues to love the stuff. She and her dad will eat it at least once a day. We order it from our organic fruit guy and it is soooo sweet and juicy.

Just one of the things I am thankful for living in Costa Rica! Fresh organic fruit in season all year around, yummy!

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Book Lover Lisa said...

Hmm. I didn't know that watermelon was a china thing. I am really jealous about the fresh organic produce. Nothing really grows up here, so all of the produce we get is pretty sad and tired looking, and I have about three organic options.