Thursday, January 29, 2009


I usually try and not get involved in poitics, as it makes me mad and upset. I have to say that I can not stay quiet any longer, I am too mad. Because I live in a different country I did not vote as I thought I should not inflict anyone on you all that I was not willing to deal with myself. Not that it would have made any difference from the looks of things.

What in any persons mind would make them think that they could save the economy by spending more money? My five year could figure out that does not work and all she knows about math is how to add and subtract. As I have mentioned before we had our economic meltdown about two years before the rest of the world. We figured out that we could not spend, save or even pray our way out of it. We sold everything and left the country to try and regroup and refresh.

Now looking at the U.S. it is like watching a bad car wreck. Like I really don't want to look and check out the latest bad news, but I can't resist checking the news. I talk to my kids in the U.S. daily, but they do not want to talk about the economy. My three boys all have jobs and plan on holding on to them for dear life. Two of them had quit jobs a few months ago, once they found these ones they decided they would not be quitting any jobs for awhile.

I guess the good news is one of my sons is guarenteed three hots and a cot for the next couple of years. Of course there are other worries for him, another post for another day.

Rest assured that there are lots of expats all over the world watching and praying for all the folks on the front lines of the battle happening over there.

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Rebecca said...

I have decided for me that "ignorance is bliss." Otherwise I will go insane. Thanks for stopping by my blog on monday!