Friday, January 23, 2009


Ever had one of "those days?" Today was definately one of those days for me. I was totally looking forward to doing a long run with my daughter and woke up really early, not being able to go back to sleep aaugh!

Finally got to her house and she took me on the long run from you know where. We went over hill an dale, "oh yeah mom, I forgot there were so many hills".

She does like to school me once in awhile when I get too cocky or something. Just likes to put me in my old place and make sure I know who is the younger of us. It was actually fun, except for the getting lost part! A really beautiful Costa Rica day which was great, at least it was not raining also.

I spent the day out after waiting by the phone all day yesterday for word from my sons lawyer. We have been awaiting word from the prosecuters office for almost a month and in the mean time my son has decided he wants to go to trial. I guess we had best buckle our seat belts and get ready for another ride.

I am just very thankful for being able to talk to him often and keep up with him. I sent him a card yesterday with the above pic of his little sister. Those are his favorites pics, the ones with his sisters. The Post office has a place you can go to create a letter, or card with your own pictures, and write it up, and they deliver it. It is awesome I can write to him once a week and he will actually get it in about three days. Now isn't that a miracle? I love technology!

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