Friday, January 9, 2009


One of my favorite action movies is "Transporter". That guy is so hot and he did an awesome job in the fight scenes. Anyway the reason it comes to mind is because I have done a really bad job of transporting people the past couple of days.

Yesterday I had the idea to have Rick get a buddy pass from my brother the pilot so that he could go to a seminar for his business, Liberty League. I felt bad that he has ended up spending about 20 hrs. in airports the past two days.

The best part of course was the earthquake while being at the airport, but that just kind of broke up the monotony for him. I still thought it would of been great since he was at the counter being told he could not get a seat when it hit if he had acted like he was putting a voodoo spell on them or something, would of been a scream.

At any rate after two days he is half way there and if he makes it will be late for his seminar. Oh well live an learn. In the meantime I am trying to get our student here from Guatamala. He has been there studying spanish and was bussing it here for classes to begin on Monday. When I talked to him I asked him to tell the bus driver to drop him off at the airport instead of taking him all the way into the city.

He told the bus driver that as they left Nicaragua and the bus driver dropped him in Liberia, which is about 4 hrs. from us. In all fairness there is a small airport there also. He called us and said he was there and would take a taxi to the school. We told him yeah for 200.00 he would. About 8 hours later he finally arrived on what he called the slowest bus on the planet. Poor guy!

Needless to say I have been fired as the transporter and we will just hire my son-in-law to do this job. He is the hero who went and fetched everyone anyway.

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Siladitya said...

Its a amazing movie.One of my fav movie.
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