Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm still not sure if camp was fun or not, have not really gotten a straight answer. I do know she was very proud of the fact that she did not shower for three days! That is for sure a record and hopefully one she will not repeat for awhile.

When I went to camp at her age I worked very hard. We had a whole list of skills we had to learn, especially in regards to first aid. I can remember memorizing tons of stuff for first aid tests we had to take and pass or we would not advance to the next year.

I guess one group of girls went home after the first night because they were convinced they had hypothermia. It was 40 degrees! They are a little pampered here admittedly. You do have to remember it is summer so that was a little unexpected as well as unwelcome.

He dad had a great surprise waiting for her when she got home, a Michael Phelps calandar! She has been bugging him for one since the olympics so he surprised her with one. Her sister was very happy to see her. Every day she asked how many more days until her sister was going to be home? I can only hope it was a character building experience and that she will be a better person because of it.

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