Saturday, January 10, 2009


We got our new student settled in and hopefully he is loving Costa Rica. I spent the morning taking him around San Rafael to see the town and learn his way around. Since we really don't spend that much time in town it was kind of good to get out and rediscover some places I had not been for awhile.

He got really lucky and is staying with our homestay coordinator. She is an awesome cook, and just fun person. I did warn him that he would probably gain weight living with her. He got in last night and she had all his laundry done by this morning and made him a great breakfast.

Our classes begin Monday and he and our other student are very excited. It took Hannah a few days to decide she really wanted to attend massage school, but I think once she thought about the money she could make it convinced her to go for it. She told our other student today that she plans on financing her professional singing career startup fees with massage. That is thinkin.

My co director will miss the first day of class, but I'm sure he is enjoying his time in the U.S. We miss him and look forward to seeing him in a few days. So far he has managed to hire out about half of his teaching time, so I have a feeling he is planning on replacing himself as teacher.

It is all good, and the weather is beautiful so we are ready to go into summer here. Now if the wind would just die down I would be ecstatic.

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