Thursday, January 22, 2009


We just finished our second week of massage classes. I am so pleased with our students, they look awesome and I think we have the makings of more awesome massage therapists! The best part is we have worked with a couple of the students to personalize the program for them. That is what we specialize in, personalized programs.

The first student that studied with us did so in Arizona before we even left. He was headed to Myopractic school and need some massage training before he could go on to specialize. The next student we had was on her way to Naturapathic training and we put together her required massage classes for her to certify her with her school in New Zealand. She is still in the process of taking classes from us every year to keep up.

Our next student needed a program that we could put together for her and work around her work schedule at the beach, two hours from us. That was about the same time the governing board decided that we could provide half of the hours online. So we were able to do her book work online and she would come for three days at a time for her massage hands on work.

We thought this class would be a normal class. No way. It turns out one of the student has had advanced studies in Anatomy and Physiology so we have allowed him to turn up on Monday and get his assignments and come back on Friday for his test. Of course he still has to come in the afternoon for his massage classes and to work his time in the clinic.

I guess that is the beauty of being flexible and willing to work with the students, which we do pride ourselves on :)

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