Thursday, January 1, 2009


I thought this was a good topic to talk about when making our New Years Resolutions. I realized many years ago actually, that I always had the same goals. Why every year did I need to have the same resolutions and I was never getting anywhere?

Once I have learned more about the "law of attraction" I have realized why I keep making these goals over and over. It is because I keep making the same mistakes over and over. A good example of this is the weight loss dilema. How many of us have just wanted to lose that extra 10 lbs. for years now?

In finally comprehending the law of attraction I realized what I was actually doing was attracting that 10 lbs. back every year. That which we think about is what we get. I was thinking about the 10 lbs. not being skinny.

This year is different. I have pictures of what I want to look like, and will not concentrate on the don't haves or don't wants, only the wants and haves. In other words put it all in a positive sentence. I will spend one hour a day working on reading with Maleah. Rather than I will not send Maleah to school not knowing how to read in english. Does that make sense?

I will talk more tomorrow about how to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. That was a hard one for me to comprehend until I read a great analogy about it. Take care and rewrite those goals on a positive note. Pura Vida and Happy New Year.

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