Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well we were sure rockin' and rollin' today! We had an earthquake that registered 6.2 on the richter scale. It was freakin scary for sure. Me and the girls were all in my bedroom, they were looking at a music video on the laptop while I was in the bathroom dying my hair. For some reason really weird things always happen while I am dying my hair. Last time I dyed the power went off and I ended up rinsing with cold water, brrrr!

We grabbed the little girls and ducked into the doorways. After a couple of minutes I remembered my son in law out on the porch cutting wood for a bookshelf. Thank goodness he was not sawing at the moment that it hit. He said the neighbor came out of his house freaking out.

We turned on the news and watched them dealing with the after shocks. They were trying to be really cool and finally the guy just got up and left the set. It was pretty funny. My husband was checking in at the airport and complete bedlum broke out there. They all started screaming and running. The airport security were just trying to calm everyone down. Rick was just watching it all and was amazed how much people freaked out. It was his first earthquake and I think he was getting into it!

At any rate we did get on the internet and research what to do before, during, and after an earthquake. We will be ready for the next one. We had one yesterday that not as big and then this big one today, hope it does not get bigger tomorrow. They did determine the epicenter was 6k from the volcano up the hill from us, cool really cool.


(not St.) Michael said...

So, where exactly are you ? You wrote that the quake happened at 7:01pm or maybe that was the time you posted. I am in Southern Calif. South Orange County. All of a sudden, I heard what sounded like someone at the front door. Next, the whole house shook. Not a typical earthquake scenario for my area. More of a distant explosion without the noise, not really a typical quake experience at all. This all happened around 7:54pm Thursday nite Jan. 8, 2009. Anyone else ? Nothing on the local news so far.

Book Lover Lisa said...

Wow! What an experience. I am glad that you are all safe and sound. I didn't even hear about the earthquake, but I don't watch the news, or read the news. As far as your hair dying, maybe it is a sign that you should embrace the gray. ;)

Roblynn and Rebekah said...

Soon, very soon. Maybe once all Ricks hair falls out I will be ready.