Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have to give a shout out to my senior gaupo, or when I am angry senior viejo, (all depends on the mood of course) and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We will go shop this afternoon to pick out his book. He loves books as evidenced by the books and bookshelves all over our house. We have three bookshelves, overflowing I might add. I belive he has already talked to my son-in-law about a new one.

It's a good thing books are so expensive here or we would probably have even more.


Jennifer said...

Aww, Happy Birthday!!

And thanks so much for your raving about teenagers... you def. helped "the urge" come back ;o)

what you said was really sweet and helped put things in perspective for me! And it's so nice to hear how much moms adore their kids... No matter how old.

Debbie said...

Hi R&R! I would like to take BATW to Costa Rica next week. Can you click on my profile and shoot me an email letting me know if you would like to host us. Thanks!