Friday, February 6, 2009


Ok. so it is big, I said it would be! I have lots of vision and sure ain't gettin any younger. I had fun making it and hope to reap some benefits from making it. I figure if I only get one of the things I have on it it was well worth the hour or two that it took to make it. I am actually taking action on the bike picture this weekend. On my way to the bike shop to see about trading out big red for a smaller bike, cool!

I have had some time to think more about the lecture yesterday. Which by the way I owe my hubby a big thank you as he bought the ticket for me for my Valentines present, pretty sweet ha?

One thing that I could relate to that was said was the fact that if you have goals, that you are truly passionate about, the only limits to achieving these goals are in your own mind. That puts a lot of explanation for the success of a vision board. With the board you are actually able to see what it is you want and that makes it just a little closer to you and more attainable.

The thing to remember is that if someone else has it, why shouldn't you have it also? What is preventing you from having any and everything you want in life? If Nick can have anything he wants in life, with no arms or legs what excuse do we have for not getting everything out of life that we desire?

On my list of 100 I wanted to visit an island with my family. We have been to Hawaii twice with our family and now live in Costa Rica, which is close enough to an island for me. So you might want to be careful what you ask for you may just get it. "You better be sure you want the consequences of what you want."

I definately challenge everyone to try the vision board, what can it hurt?

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