Monday, February 23, 2009


Have you ever noticed that God works through other people? That just when you think nobody understands you, you are reminded of His love for you from other people?

I had a particularly difficult weekend for a variety of reasons the biggest one being I had way too much time to think and surf prison blogs and forums! That is just like picking a scab and should be very much discouraged for people who are trying to be positive. It is just like a bad car wreck, you just keep checking out stories that make you feel better about your own story, but pretty soon you are crying for other moms going through the same thing, no fun!

Add to that the whole hormonal upheavel of pre-menopause, there Mom I finally admitted it :), and you have a bad case of the blues.

This morning one of our students showed up with flowers from his home stay mom. She and I are friends with a very limited vocab between us, but none the less friends. She had sent me this beautiful boquet.

A couple of hours later the mail man came with not one card but two from my best friend Karen in the U.S. Me and Karen go back to the age of 3 if you can believe it. She is in the process of coming to visit and was telling how excited she was and that if I ever needed anyone to talk to she is there. Isn't that cool? I just cried to think that God loved me so much to send me friends like this that listen to Him and watch over little ole' me!

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

Yes it is amazing!

I had a similar situation. It's amazing that Heavenly Father, the one who created worlds and is perfect in all things, would pay so much attention to us.

How can we not be of infinite worth? :)

Just from meeting you once, I know we will be good friends. You are AMAZING.