Friday, February 13, 2009


I have decided it will be easier to combine my blogs and just do longer posts, maybe two a day. One with news and one with workouts and health tips. I love to help people with health and wellness, that is kind of my job, so I will continue to do that. It is just that you can only manage so many blogs and still read them.

Micahs blog takes a lot of time and I have been trying to get his poetry book done. It is going to be good, and Jesse is working on illustrations for the book. Jesse of course wants me to send him the transcript so he will know best how to illustrate it.

My daughter spent the morning yesterday at the U.S embassy being verbally abused. Here we are U.S. citizens and she was going down to file his birth abroad papers so that she could get a passport for her baby boy. For some reason the people working in the embassy decided they would target her for the all day wait game.

She finally went to the counter to ask what the problem was. They told her she did not have enough proof that she had spent at least five years in the U.S. Isn't that idiotic! She had her high school diploma, her marriage certificate, and the babies birth certificate. So now they want pictures of her pg. and medical records and her transcripts from high school! They tried to speak spanish to her, I think just to check it out. She just looked at them and said please speak english!

Of course the person helping her could not speak english or spanish so she was in tears by the time she left. We will definately be writing some letters on this issue. If you can't be treated like a human there where the heck are you going to be treated like a human?

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