Thursday, February 26, 2009


Something really funny has happened in our family. I know they say that guys marry someone like their mothers, and girls marry someone like their dads. Well I did not marry anyone like my dad because I did not know my day, he died when I was very young. But I have definately seen similarities in my daughter-in-law and myself as well as my son-in-law and my husband.

Now for the really weird thing. My daughter is seeing a boy who is just like her brother. I mean he looks like him, talks like him, and is even born the same year as him, making him a horse. We keep teasing her that she is trying to replace her brother, who she complained about bitterly because he teased her so unmercifully.

I guess genetics are pretty darn strong. You know the saying the apple does not fall far from the tree? I think that means you can only change yourself or those you are attracted to so much. They also say that you marry someone you live six blocks away from. That makes sense since you really dont meet too many people out of that area.

So now we are trying to remind my 15 year old about all these things and more. The real problem is this kid is truly nice. He went through his party phase young and does not drink, smoke or take drugs. He treats her with respect and even gets along with the old man. That is the scary part.

My hubby invited him to go fishing with he and my son-in-law. Now that is too far! He just seems to get along so well with the family that I have to be careful that she does not get too serious with him at such a young age. I got married at 17 and take my word for it, it aint easy!

We even had her teach a FHE lesson out of her Standards for Youth pamphlet and had him read the page on dating and relationships. I know that is a little bold of us, but in my experience as parents we have to be bold. The really good part is he does not speak English so I can tell her things when he is sitting right there that I would not normally say. Like go change your shorts those are too short and so on.

It is always a bit tricky in these turbulant years, but at least we are not too busy that we cannot keep a very close eye on things. The joys of being the second to the youngest. Either you are being watched very closely or completely ignored, which she does not get the leisure of right now! Maybe someday we will be too busy making millions, but for now we get to keep a very good eye, or in my husbands case four eyes on her and the boyfriend.

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