Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Four days until Valentines day and I am fresh out of ideas! I think you just run out of ideas after so many years and I am racking my brain for something fun and romantic for the evening. There are some memorable ones we have had.

I can remember one year we went out for dessert with some friends and then hiking on Fatmans Loop in Flagstaff. There was a blanket of snow on the ground and a full moon. It was beautiful and not even too cold.

Last year we went out for a movie at the mall and then for Italian food downtown Heredia. I think we will not go out to eat this year. I really cook better than any of the restaraunts around here and don't feel like waiting in line in San Jose.

Maybe I will think on the lines of something besides food! Now that is a novel thought, focus on something besides food. Is there any other way to celebrate than without food?

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