Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines day from Costa Rica! I thought these roses were beautiful, of course I think all flowers are beautiful, but these are especially beautiful. I think Valentines Day may hold the record around here for the most miscommunications.

My five year old was telling me yesterday all about how we were going to go out for dinner on Valentines. I told her just me and daddy were going out to dinner. She said "yeah but it is dia de amor, on the t.v. they show them going out to dinner". I explained that mommys and daddies and boyfriend and girlfriends go out to dinner. Kids just get little gifts and exchange gifts. She was bummed out for a little while but got over it when her big sister gave her a box of chocolates.

My 15 yr old did not say anything to her boy friend because she did not want him to feel bad about not having any money. So the past couple of days neither one of them said anything. Today they were talking on the phone and my daughter heard his mother say something in the background. He mumbled to Hannah, "feliz dia". Hannah said "que?" He mumbled it again and she just laughed.

Then the best one is my husband. I ordered him Godiva chocolates a couple of weeks ago. Well the problem with ordering from Aerocasillas is the fact they go through your package and write on the ticket what it is! So much for that surprise. He was still happy though and that is what matters.

I wish the best day ever to all and hope you get to enjoy it with someone you love. As my son in jail says, "I have to spend the day with dudes, dudes I don't even like !"

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Book Lover Lisa said...

My kids were happy with the babysitter coming over, that was enough celebration for them. I suppose I should feel offended that they enjoy being babysat so much, but I am just glad thay don't give any trouble (other than Annabelle, who cried so much the babysitter called us twice sounding at the end of her rope). They were also thrilled to see me getting dressed up, and told me how beautiful I looked, which was nice since your brother did not ;)
I suppose Valentines day in prison would be a downer.