Saturday, February 7, 2009


Thursday we had record low temperatures in Costa Rica. It was down in the fifties, and not sure with windchill. They really don't usually measure that, as it is not usually so low. Now I know to most people that does not sound too low, but if you live in a house like this one, wouldn't that feel pretty darn cold to you?

The real problem has been with the people who lost their homes during the earthquake and are living in tents. They had to relocate them to empty warehouses during the cold front. It is scheduled to be done by tomorrow, but it sure has wreaked havoc for sure.

Of course along with the cold front was a hurricane on the Carribean side. They got slammed with flooding in Limon and one picture showed a bus that got washed right off the road. It sure seems Costa Rica has had its share of natural disaters this year.

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