Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have had all day to digest and ponder the amazing and inspirational speech I witnessed this morning in San Jose. I really don't know how to talk or tell about it because it was so powerful and overwhelming at the same time.
Sorry the picture did not turn out better, but the lighting was awful so I had to time it during a break, or wait in a line for an hour after to get in a hug and a picture.
If I have ever used the excuse that I do not speak spanish to do anything here in Costa Rica, I need to repent and get on the ball. He did not speak spanish but had an interperter that did great. I'm sure it is hard to work up all that emotion and then wait for your turn to speak, but he did a great job.
In a nutshell Nick was born with no arms or legs. Two little feet, one bigger than the other that he calls his "chicken drumstick!" He calls it that because occasionally his dog tries to get it and he has to whack him with it.
If any of my kids ever makes an excuse for anything at all, I will trump that right down! There are no excuses for anything in this life! If Micah can write a book and blog while he is in jail, we know anything can be done!

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Rick said...

Fantastic Blog, Babe!!!! Only losers have excuses! Love ya.