Friday, February 20, 2009


My hubby and I went and talked to our new "boss-man" at the Canadian school where we will be teaching English for a few hours a week. It looks like a great program and I am excited to help out at a place that really cares about the students. We taught at one last year that was ridiculous. They did not give a heck about the students, who were paying good money by Costa Rica standards, and just strung them along.

We got so frustrated last year that we finally gave up on them and walked away. It was hard to do because we really did like and enjoy the students. They are very respectful and polite. They think you are really smart and call you prof. It was pretty funny.

So now we are running and teaching our massage school, Ricks internet business, me and Rebekahs blooming businesses, and teaching English. It sure is a good thing we retired early and moved to Costa Rica! I'm just joking, the most we ever work in a given week would still be about 12 hours each, with all the jobs combined! A great way to live.

Now that we have survived the first week of kinder, are half way through our massage session, and got new jobs all in one week I think we need to head for the beach for some recovery time.

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Book Lover Lisa said...

Wow, you sure do have a lot going. Sounds grand. As does the beach.