Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The name of the phone monopoly here is ICE. They are in the process of getting broken up but in the meantime we have to go through them for everything. Today our internet went down. It has been very windy and sometimes the lines get knocked out. In fact they have already fixed it once. So it has blown away again.

My daughters boyfriend was over so I was going to have him call them to put in a work order. Low and behold a ICE truck pulled up a couple of doors from us to work on a line. So we ran out to ask them to look at our lines and fix our internet. He said no can do. You have to call in a work order and wait your turn.

He did come in the house to take a look. Of course then he wanted to know who hooked up our internet. I wanted to tell him, but dont have enough words in my spanish vocab. that we had a friend do it because they had screwed it up. Probably good thing I did not have the words ha?

Anyhow hopefully soon we will get reconnected with the world as we know it. In the meantime guess I will get some cleaning done and maybe even get my classes organized. It is sure amazing how connected you get to the internet. We have only had our connection for a few months but I sure hate coming to the internet cafe. Plus it is up to three hundren colones, or better known as fifty cents an hour. Plus I have trouble typing on these computers as they put all the exclamations different places, so you just don{t get any!

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