Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ever have one of those days? I mean one of those, those days? Well this is one of them and I am trying really hard to be really positive. Thinking happy thoughts, "Biggest Loser" is on tonight, Maleah got to school on time today (helps when it is the 12:30 day), Rick is recovering from his stomach flu, Micah has not called with bad news, his lawyer has not called with any bad news, I had a great run in the warm sunshine, I found my lost bank card, I remembered all the muscles I was teaching in the kines class this morning.

Yeah it is a good day after all. Maleah was ready for school an hour before it was time to go. She finally agreed to let Hannah pick her up after school so I could go for a "talk" with a guy who needs English teachers. I love teaching and we are already half way done with our massage class, so looking for something to keep me busy.

Rebekah and I are also working hard on getting our "No Excuses" program going. Lots of research and leg work to get ourselves organized. Thank goodness this one does not entail doing another web, or blog site! Just lots of fun motivating people to take care of their one and only precious body they will ever, ever have. Doesn't that sound fun!

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