Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The more things change the more they stay the same. Isn't that the truth? We have lived in Costa Rica for two and a half years now. We love it here and really enjoy the scenery and the weather. Of course there are things we do not enjoy, but all in all we are old enough to realize things don't really change just because you move.

Yesterday my daughter was at the park down the street with her boy-friend. We don't call him a boyfriend because she is only 15 and that is not allowed. So we just call him her boy-friend. At any rate they were down there watching the kids play and taking her dog for a walk.

He has been having trouble with an ex-girlfriend since he started hanging out with the gringa, or my daughter. A bit of a jealousy issue. So her new boyfriend comes up and starts beating up on this kid. My daughter did not know what to do and just grabbed his arm and tried to get him to leave the park.

As they were leaving the kid came charging at them from the left side. The deal is my daughter can't see out of her left eye, her boy-friend luckily caught what was comming and shoved her out of the way. He got thrown into the gate of the park and the guy pulled the gauges out of his ear and pulled his sweatshirt off of him. Thank goodness the park supervisor was on the ball and had called the police. They came and got his shirt back and told the other guy to leave him alone.

My daughter was really cute. She brought him home and got him two Aleves and some ice and of course lots of sympathy. Of course for her it brought back lots of bad memories about her brother and I was surprised how affected she was. The good part was she begged him to let it go and not retaliate. I guess she has learned something from the older brothers.

Another good thing is she knows it does not just happen in Costa Rica!

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Jennifer said...

Man! what a story! Sounds like a scene out of a movie. I'm glad her boy-friend came to her rescue!

I never saw that Sunbeam part of the show... those little innuendos really kind of tick me off though. It's just weird thought cause it's like only we get it... strange!

I'm just so intrigued... it's sad.