Monday, February 2, 2009


Does it look like he is working to you? I don't think so either, looks more like playing to me. Usually he has on the headphones jammin down, then I know he's not working.

This is why he loves working from home though seriously. He works a couple of hours, goes walk downtown for treats with the baby, or just hanging around.

Does it look like she is workin to you? Laptop on the lap, texting someone and listening to the music, ok I can't really see how this is doing school work at all.

She argues that texting is working on spanish, which it is, and chatting with gringo friends is working on her spelling. O.K.

Does it look like she is working? I guess playing Purble Place and listening to Bob Dylan can count for something, just can't figure out what.

I guess the fact that she can bring up Limewire and her games and play by herself at the age of 5 is something in itself.

Computer is definately the wave of the here and now and she has an edge on that for sure.

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Gerald and Kathy said...

Hey! It's good work if you can get it!