Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have been reading articles and blogs about the economy in the U.S. I understand it is quite bad and people are feeling a lot of fear and trepidation about the future. Not feeling secure is not a good feeling, but who ever told people that they needed a 401K, or a mortage, or even a job to feel secure?

It looks like the American people have been sold a bill of goods. Do you realize that 60% of every dollar you make goes to the government for taxes? Now they have passed a stimulus package, the second one to date, that will give you back a little bit of your money. Aren't they nice?

The bad part is they forgot to tell you they borrowed the money from your future income to give you this little bit back, oops! Why are more Americans not outraged by this? Because they are too busy feeling fear. If your generous benefactors can keep you in fear, they will avoid you thinking about the situation and getting angry.

I wrote an article for ezines about five things moms could do to help out in this time of economic upheavel. I still say that we can raise babies and children much cheaper than we believe we can. The first five years my husband and I were married we made under ten thousand dollars a year. Was it tough? Heck yeah!

The good part was we learned how to live on a lot less than we would ever make. We did not have a credit card. We bought nothing on credit. We used cloth diapers, only nursed, and cooked everything from scratch. It was not always easy, but we were actually able to save money at that time.

Our children are all very good at living on next to nothing. When we get together we all want beans, rice, and good old fashioned real food. Actually I thought I was good until I met my son in law. He could squeeze a dollar so hard he could squeeze poop out of the eagle!

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