Monday, February 9, 2009


These are the cards I mailed out to our lucky family members for Valentines day this week! I have to put in a plug for premium postcards. It is awesome that I can make cards and send them all over the world, for a really good price. I think the cards I made like the above were about two bucks. The best part is that since they mail from the U.S. they get there in just a few days.

No this is not a plug for the good old PO, we have left that far behind us. Different life for a different time. It is interesting to see the cuts the Po is making in light of the economic crisis. I'm sure that with Rick having over 20 years in it would have taken awhile to trickle down to him, but it would get there for sure.

The biggest hit we would have taken if we were still in our old lives, would have been to my business. Most of my beloved clients were in the housing industry in some form or other. I wish all the best and send really good juju vibes to my predecessor all the time. But I do realize that at times massage may seem like a luxury. Let me see do we eat this week or do I go get a massage, let me think about it.

This is a good time to know massage and practise on each other. I say that very tongue in cheek because we have three freakin massage therapists in this house and I can't get anyone to work on my poor sore legs!

By the way the message the kids are sending in case you missed it Eye, Love, You!

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